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I doubt I will ever look forward to anything with as much giddy anticipation as the release of Star Wars Episode I.  For those of us raised on the original trilogy, it was to be the crowning moment of our young lives as nerds, when our lifelong faith in the Force would be repaid with an epiphany of awesomeness.  I stood in a quarter mile line in the sun to buy tickets; I stood in a quarter mile line at midnight to gain access to the accompanying line of action figures; I went to the Star Wars Celebration and stood in the lines there.  Somehow, even the waiting was awesome, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything save the movie itself.  So when the movie finally came out I wasn’t disappointed.  My hyped up brain wouldn’t allow me to be. 

But there were problems, lots of problems, and as time went on they only compounded.  I always had to imagine how certain scenes, lines and story elements might have been done differently.  Now, more than a decade out, a few insightful commentaries (mainly the epic and hilarious 70 minute deconstruction over at RedLetterMedia) recently inspired me to take all of The Phantom Menace’s problems into account and try to imagine an alternate Episode one – a reboot, to use the popular term, since fixing the Phantom Menace’s problems would, in my opinion, require more than minor tweaks and edits.   We all know that there is, somewhere, a Star Wars that should have been, and it looks very different from The Phantom Menace.  So, if Episode I were done right, if it were an effective reintroduction to the Star Wars universe with vivid characters, a compelling story and a massive shot of Jedi awesomeness, all wrapped in the foreboding knowledge that dark times lie ahead, what would it look like?  

There are a lot of ways a good Episode I reboot could be done, I’m far from being the first to try, and the summary I came up with is only one possible story line.  For instance, I’ve retained the character of Qui-Gon Jinn, but it’s been pointed out that you could delete him all together as a way to strengthen the development of the more necessary Obi-Wan.  I’ve also not introduced any original characters, although I have eliminated some and significantly modified several (for example, I thought Sebulba was the coolest cg character design from the movie, so I’ve given him an expanded, slightly different role; for Grievous, I’ve kept his identity and back story as a Kaleesh, but provided what I think is a more interesting way for him to become a cyborg.)  Many, maybe most, of my ideas are sourced from friends and things I’ve read and seen on the internet (again a big tip of the hat to the definitive RedLetterMedia review) I’ve just taken them and integrated them into (I think) a fairly well fleshed out plot line.



  1. Just read this on Nov. 1, 2012, a few days after Episode 7 was announced. Loved your story – would love to see what you’d do with Episodes II and III. Although highly unlikely, my first thought after hearing Disney’s acquisition was “Please reboot the prequels.” Well done.

    • Who knows what will come as Star Wars continues to grow and mutate under Disney. I think if they use their vast resources to get great writers and directors, the new movies could easily be better than the prequels. If I were to do another draft of my reboot now I’d probably take it even farther from the movies — maybe combine the characters of Maul and Grievous and get rid of the notion of the “Chosen One,” for instance. I meant to do Episodes II and III as well but never got around to it. Anyway, thanks for reading!

  2. Replace Padmè with Satine. Her and Obi-Wan’s romance is so much more cute and realistic!

  3. Dude this is awesome. You should really do your own versions of episodes 2 and 3. I’d like to see how you would do them

  4. Dude this is awesome. I wish this was the actual movie. You should really do Episodes II and III. I’d like to see how you’d do those two.

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