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Random quotes or scenes that might have been.  Please contribute whatever comes to mind.

Darth Maul to Anakin:  You are a slave.  You know fear, you know pain — these can make you strong.  You will be a powerful Sith.

Yoda, to Anakin:  And tempted to join him, join the Dark Side, were you?

Anakin, after a pause:  Yes.

Yoda:  Hmph. Lied had you, know it I would.  What said he, to tempt you?

Anakin:  He said I’d be powerful.  He said I’d be able to free my mom.

Yoda:  Hm. Dark Side not set anyone free.

Yoda, to Council: Disturb me, the Sith’s interest in this boy does.

Obi-Wan: But Master Yoda, that’s what I’m saying!  His potential is not lost on our enemies.  If we don’t train him, someone else will.



  1. Also, can we see Alderaan? We have to know what we lost.

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    • Posted December 10, 2012 at 1:42 pm
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    Thank you for this wonderful retelling of Phantom Menace!

    The idea of Qui Gon’s body disappearing when he dies is much more true to the story and a good parallel to Episode 4.

    I also wonder whether Obi Wan might have failed to acknowledge Qui Gon’s admonition against anger and then killed Darth Maul in anger while Anakin watched with growing understanding of how that sort of power could change his life.

    Obi Wan would then turn and see his mistake immediately in Anakin’s face: that Anakin had been impressed by the apparent “power” Obi Wan exhibited.

    Obi Wan then acquires the conflicting motivation which continues through Episode 4: a) wanting to convince Anakin that loss of control and anger is the wrong path; and (b) failing to yet understand why the dark side can’t be harnessed to answer the gathering threat of the Clone Wars.

    Obi Wan’s error would be clear by Episode 3, and he would work to redeem his mistake through teaching Luke in Episode 4.

    Lastly, I wonder whether it’s not *Obi Wan’s body* hat merely disappears — as it did in Episode 4 — to express Obi Wan’s past ambivalence and struggle with the dark side. Does Qui Gon’s body instead change into light and color that reflects his unwavering faith and that Obi Wan struggled to understand his whole life.

  2. Fantastic. I wonder if perhaps a large enough petition could convince the 20th Century Fox to do this reboot… Or i’ll have to get filthy stinking rich and buy the rights to the 2nd trilogy and make you the producer.

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