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Random quotes or scenes that might have been.  Please contribute whatever comes to mind.

Darth Maul to Anakin:  You are a slave.  You know fear, you know pain — these can make you strong.  You will be a powerful Sith.

Yoda, to Anakin:  And tempted to join him, join the Dark Side, were you?

Anakin, after a pause:  Yes.

Yoda:  Hmph. Lied had you, know it I would.  What said he, to tempt you?

Anakin:  He said I’d be powerful.  He said I’d be able to free my mom.

Yoda:  Hm. Dark Side not set anyone free.

Yoda, to Council: Disturb me, the Sith’s interest in this boy does.

Obi-Wan: But Master Yoda, that’s what I’m saying!  His potential is not lost on our enemies.  If we don’t train him, someone else will.